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"Also, why couldn't a "true individualist" participate in class conflict? Certainly many have, and do. Were they / are they all fake?"
Because a true individualist is not concerned with causes involving other people, or taking actions to alleviate other's problems. And this is not out of selfishness, but rather out of permitting others to empower themselves and develop their own autonomy without being lectured or groomed by others, which is paternalistic, coercive and at worst manipulative brainwashing. Yes, possibly a true individualist could take on the role of an agent provocateur encouraging people to "get up off their rusty dusty asses and do something", but it can only go that far. Imploring people to take up arms and kill other people is called radicalization and murder/assassination, and not something a true individualist does lol.
Also, the names please of true individualists who have participated in class conflict? Stirner certainly never did, he taught at a school. Nietzsche never, umm Marx or any of his followers are not real individualists.