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No, there is no "fucking it (life) up, there is other peoples greed and lack of empathy, i.e. selfish acquisition, or lack of sharing the bounty.
People only starve to death in a selfish society. In unselfish societies there is no such thing as rich or poor.
If you are starving in a selfish society there are charities which prevent you dying from starvation, or else you can steal, and if you are caught you will go to the selfish society's prison, which is how they enforce selfish people's societies. Poorness should be called starvation or prison, and wealth selfish greed.
So if one is not starving or in prison, one is not poor, nor is one "fucking it up". Fucking it up is having greedy thoughts whilst imprisoned.
I do not have greedy thoughts and are not imprisoned, therefore I am not fucked up.