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This is a drive-by name-dropping dump with a slice of hit it and never quit it information dumping. Perhaps I'm missing something but I don't see where Mr. Anarchist Studies wrote about environmentalism as absurdism? It just short introduction to absurdism. Encouraging environmentalists to embrace absurdism isn't an example of "discordian chaos magick" guerilla ontology. Chaos magick is basically do whatever you want and tell us about it or not. Guerilla ontology is exposing people to unique and new thoughts, ideas, noises...etc and attempt to make people feel uncomfortable. It's basically the "Illuminatus Trilogy." Those books are pretty weird satire. I guess Mr. Anarchist Studies guy is showing his guerilla ontological wizardry by referring to it as "psychic nomadic techniques" lol. fnord

I disagree that the situation is dire and dreadful. I don't think we have to act and it wasn't explained why I need to. I don't appreciate Mr. Anarchist Studies included me, myself and I in this killing of the planet. I do appreciate Mr. Anarchist Studies letting us know he wasn't trying to be edgy by writing fucking and apologizes. I forgive him. I'm glad he asked what's the point. In all my life I've never heard someone utter such a foul question and there is no point. I feel enlightened now.

What's anarchist studies and how do I get to join? Do I have to have an anarchist blog to join? Is it like a book club?