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The original poster writes:
Our collective strength in the streets has surpassed everything we ever expected to come out of this city. For 100 nights we have fought the police – but the police are not (and should not) be our only target...

I have an acquaintance or two who have been participating in the events in Stumptown. According to them the largest number of people participating has never exceeded roughly 9000 people. This is in a city of a bit more than 650,000 people within a Portland Metro area of about two and a half million.

This is not exactly a hallmark of glorious success.

These street protests, like all street protests, are entertaining theater -- entertaining for the people who participate, watched passively by everybody else, including any people who may be watching passively while also sympathizing wholeheartedly.

If this had any potential to spread, and turn into something deeper and more widespread, this would probably be happening by now.

The author writes:
slavery is the backbone of capitalism.

Wrong. Wage labor is the backbone of capitalism. And since nothing you are about has anything to do with wage labor, or with resistance to wage labor, you are not against capitalism.

While I'd rather be a wage slave today than a chattel slave in the plantation South, I'd also rather help generate a mass social movement against wage labor. And nothing like this is going to emerge from the Stumptown stuff, no matter how viscerally pleasing these events might be.