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This is from an article in the Berkeley CA anarchist newspaper' Slingshot,' in early 2012, in reference to the day of the so-called Oakland General Strike of Nov. 2011, which grew out of Occupy Oakland:

" The admirable and exemplary targeting by Black Bloc youth of windows of a store of the despicable market-libertarian-owned Whole Foods Market chain during the 2 p.m. "anti-capitalist" march points the way to where the Occupy movement must now go; into a much deeper involvement with the everyday life struggles of the mainstream wage-slave class in capitalist America, from a public, highly visible, aggressive anti-market/anti-money/anti-wage labor perspective.
Some of the specific forms this might take are:
1. Borrowing from the tool kit of rebels in Chile and Egypt, and using so-called social media to initiate some kind of autonomous, widespread, sub rosa workplace resistance among employees of Whole Foods Market Inc.
With its combination of a large number of non-union employees, abysmal wages, frantic working conditions, and a creepy, Scientology-like workplace management psychology, Whole Foods is an easy to hate enemy -- and is just dying to be targeted. The right kind of ongoing bare-knuckle direct action against Whole Foods can become a template for similar actions against other retail sector exploiters..."