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"Are statues statist?"

Not necessarily. Conceivably anyone could make one. They're often associated with concentration of power.

"Can they be useful to anarchists?"

As potential targets,in a way they're lures and decoys, steering them away from critical targets, exposing them to risk for little payoff, except maybe a symbolic win, but anarchist do not respect these symbols, and will deface them for lols if the urge and the opportunity arises.

"Why else dedicating/claiming attacks in the name of some
fallen fighters the only conceivable way?"

Attacks are ephemeral, with no delusions of grandeur, nor permanence. They're claimed because sometimes the attack's whole purpose is to amplify or send a message, both the attack and the claim being inseparable components of a singular action. They do it because they want to, in some cases it's the last thing they do. Those who seek immortality, or permanence, may be humbled or humiliated.

"Why else putting stuff on the internet if not for the people abroad, and the generations to come to be inspired by those same symbols?"

Communication and company is not the same as a monument building. The internet is like a landfill, stuff that's put up is quickly buried under the steady influx of trash.

"If we'll avoid statues, then what will be the other ways?"

Iconoclasm and fading away. Everything fades away without the need for fervor to tear it down. Sometimes tearing down a statue, or a fire in a cathedral provokes renewed interest, remodeling, rebuilding. Disinterest let's ruins crumble unattended. You can feed the city birds and they'll poop on statues without any need for instructions.

"How do you think anarchists, to you, should symbolize their ideas and
sentiment beyond time, and across generations, in such non-verbal and
passive means, as a serious antagonist to the State's persistence through

If states persist through time, then to escape them, one must vanish from time. To be where the state is not, vanishing to the end of time.

"Just @ signs everywhere? Really?"

Graffiti, writing on the walls. Texts, the city, civilization. All will vanish, as they do. "This will kill that" said Victor Hugo about the book killing the cathedral. There's been plenty of books and church burnings since.
Pyramids are still around, and so? Imposing monuments to the impotence of the dead to project control across centuries. Buried by sand or vegetation, unearthed by empires seeing in them their own reflection.
Statues are a gesture, tearing them down is a gesture. Some people like to live in big gestures, others live quiet lives.
Just my first thoughts and approach at topic.