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Sure there are alot of heroic statues and stories and movies valorizing nationalism, some even are remarkable, but it must be noted that the unknown hero and story also existed a million times over the concrete and brass one immortalized by ideology or pòlitics. The humble folk stories of simple people and the sacrifices they made for their loved ones by far outnumber the metal masks of megalomaniacal conquerers, or the stories by poets and unknown bards are everywhere in libraries if you look hard.
There are George and the dragon statues and the mermaid one in Copenhagen which I can recall off the top of my head. Also, the stories I like are the ones with flawed people who change and become unflawed. No one is above me, I am my own statue, standing aloof, flesh mightier than iron, blood like molten energy, gazing powerfully over the shattered statues of mythologies, BECAUSE I AM FLESH AND BLOOD, not dead metal rusting in the past,,,,