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For the adolescent kids just starting into anarchism, some starting points. From what I got from Nietzsche's opinion of Christians, is that they do not comprehend the psychology of ressentiment, and instead they grovell in penance and meakly turn the cheek. But their concealed ressentiment comes out in the form of moral discipline and austerity, morose guilt and puritan ethics. Nietszche says its best to return the blow and not to meakly turn the cheek because there is no heaven to inherit, and therefore do not delay justice to some mythical future Judgement Day. That's 101 anarchy for sure. And kids, this doesn't mean you have to throw rocks at the cop car, just do your own thing and avoid mobs, because democracy is just a euphamism for dumb mob rule !
Ps, I know that my raw down to earth commentary is despised by some uptight linguists on this site, try not to be to scathing pleeeeease!