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Imagine the joy of channeling the terror of these uncontrollable forces into the hearts of these liberals, to be painted as a witch, to be scapegoated as boogeyman. Is the price too high to pay? Laughing while burning at the stake? Imagine the horrified and grief stricken masses despondent, unable to act and react, leaving the field open for sadists (the right) and masochist (the left that persists). Where are those that can dance in the rubble, in the fires, not strategize or philosophize? Pure madness, exhilaration, an unsustainable manic state, but who needs to be functional and stable when the world is ending? Is that how you want to go? This all bullshit as well, but I find this a more interesting direction to take the theme of this piece of "content". They seem to only be able to imagine themselves as the hapless victims of these horrors, not as the backdrop for a festival of the dead, or a parade of merry goblins.