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Holys hit! Hope I didn't piss anyone off. LOL! My comment wasn't meant to be harsh or a total rejection. As stated above a lot of the show host's daily life does come through at which point I find myself craving more of that as a spectator (as ironic as that may seem from a SI perspective, but oh well). Unfortunetly I find that doesn't seem to last or they don't get into it enough. Im always wondering what's happening in the @ scene up in Berkley, and what their critiques of that are. All the hosts are quite interesting people, thinkers, and anarchists. They need not one monolithic topic to spark interest from listeners and would-be callers, but it's all too easy for me to say this not having walked a mile in there shoes as a (semi) public figure. Yet these are just my felt impressions, however inperfectly articulated they may be.