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like you're more concerned with hating than with having a conversation, but for the sake of it...
maybe you could read bolo'bolo?
personally, my anarchist society would not be about trying to make everyone be the same. so yea, groups of people who are different and if they're making decisions for themselves and people can leave the groups if they want to, then they get to determine things for themselves. obviously there are limits to that.
but maybe you're awfully worried about what a post-rev society is going to look like, given where we're at right now? maybe you're looking to someone else for answers about wht things might be like? maybe you could posit your own vision, and we could talk about that, rather than you wanting to take on someone you don't like with someone you don't know?

i dunno just a thot

and i mis-read anarco-catalanism, my bad.