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I appreciate respect lumpentroll's opinion and think it has a ring of truth to it, but I disagree.

Full disclosure: I have voted before and, fuck it, I might even do it again if I'm eligible to vote (and/or I can fraud my way into it) and the idea strikes my fancy

Voting is NOT an "anarchist act", but neither are a lot of other things I do. Voting doesn't change what I fundamentally believe either. It just means I have decided to play this game because, apparently, I am invested enough in the outcome that I feel like exercising the small amount of power that I am accorded by a democratic system of governance.

(Incidentally, I might have more power pr capita in some situations than others - i.e. a local referendum about whether or not to allow developments over a certain height, which I know will be used to build more condo buildings, and where I can reasonably predict about 15% of a maximum voter pool of a couple of hundred people are gonna turn out. Not a U.S. federal election, in other words)

Obviously anyone who is spending time and energy ENCOURAGING people to vote for Biden (or any other "the most progressive option") isn't an anarchist. But if some people go ahead and do so, cuz they don't want to Trump to win or whatever, who cares.

The gatekeepy attitude encourages these people to think, "Welp, because I voted, I'm not an anarchist at all" or even "there's no way I possibly could be an anarchist" - and I don't see how that's, like, beneficial in any way whatsoever.

Obvy people who are already in anarchist shames should have the proper attitude of shame or something, i.e. don't go bragging about voting (and I have spent time in "anarchist" scenes in other cities where, like, people talked about who they were gonna vote for at parties, and it was completely brutal). But yeah, my opinion is that Voting Doesn't Matter - not that Voting is a Sin.