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well, i don't intend to pay much attention to it at all, but I'm definetly going to watch the debates on the 29th because i think seeing those two lunatics argue with each other is going to be awesome.

Or not...i'll see...

I don't vote for people NOT out of of some anarchist principle, but because i have enormous contempt for all politicians, even the ones who say stuff i agree with, and it's also for me personally a move against identity politics. I always find that people tend to identify with whatever candidate they vote for, as if they are defending them or something. I am totally fine with voting for or against specific legislation, but not candidates.

ALSO, you can never know what a candidate is going to do, and much of the things politicians do are behind closed doors. The only presidential election i ever voted in was the first Obama election, and that was also the first election the state allowed me to vote. I did so entirely because he called out the mistakes in Iraq very eloquently, i was hoping he would be an anti-war president. In a few ways he was, in many ways he wasn't. Finding out that he strengthened both the NSA and DEA during his time in office made me never want to vote ever again.

As far as predictions, i think that Biden is going to win this time, just because Trump has stepped on way too many toes, and americans are little sheeple who think that president's are necessary for situations we've seen this year, and Trump "failed his duty", both by intentionally down playing how series the virus is/was and reacting clownishly to all the uprisings...

...i think biden is going to be a way more effective fascist! But who knows. I hope he winds up being even less competent than trump, yet that is unlikely. Pretty much trump was just the Twitter and failed border patrol president...and one thing i really hate about him is he un-did all of Obama's reductions in military spending.