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you know, fair enough! I think at least part of the problem with this topic is that definitely not-anarchist folks will come at you pretty hard about it and I tend to pull both guns and blaze away with my rhetoric for that reason. not so much to shame nuanced perspectives like yours.

But that's a bad faith version of the discussion which might be better: something more like... in the same way that few decent folks would question the entire legitimacy of a serious anti-state position from say, an indigenous sovereignty perspective, why not OTHER serious anti-state positions? How can you participate in ANY voluntary legitimization of a system you're seriously opposed to?

It's different when they're threatening you, like financially or just with a gun or whatever, that's coercion. But anything voluntary ... where I personally gain so little and am definitely legitimizing the rule of the jackals who either don't care if I die or worse ...

Akin to being trapped in a room with an axe murderer and some of the other ppl about to get the axe in their face are trying to bicker with you about whether they prefer axe wound in their back or their front.