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i find it funny the topic writer says the spectacle is on the night of the election, as if we haven't been living through *checks watch* over a year of this crap already.

of course, anarchists don't vote, unless they do. whatever. i don't care, you do you.

but i do think paying attention to what is happening, the rhetoric, the dog-whistles etc, is something anarchists should (yes, i said the s-word) do. why? it seems like a good idea to have an inkling of what is coming at you, probably. ;P
like today with this thing of designating certain cities as "anarchist jurisdictions". (i mean, if only right?) but what are the consequences of this, how does the rhetoric play out in the coming weeks?

i, too, used to be a do-gooder. i voted in every election from 1984 until 1998, even the mid-term elections. for the most part it didn't matter, not in any meaningful way. the first election after i stopped voting then was 2000. and that was fun, watching everyone pull out their hair, and ultimately looking on as the election was 'stolen' as if it even made a difference. my suspicion is this year's outcome will play out similarly, though i won't put money on it because we seem to be in a time of maximum turbulence so predictions are almost impossible. except the state will continue on, either 'democratic' or 'fascist' as if there is a difference.

the real issues we, all beings, face will go un-addressed, as per usual. the ice will melt, the forests burn, the hurricanes will churn while capitalists count coin.