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It's pretty hard being an anarchist. A person aspiring to be one might stress looking around thinking "What to do?! What to do?!!". And nothing seems enough. Voting seems like making an effort to not be an anarchist, in fact, making an effort to disqualify yourself as one. Most people abstain from voting (by percentage of population eligible to votei), so by voting you are less anarchist than average.

People that vote have all kinds of reasons and justifications, none of them being that it's the anarchist thing to do. Emma Goldman was not in favor of voting, and was in fact against it, and she's (mis?)attributed the quote "It's not my revolution if i can't dance!", seems like today's liberals that fancy themselves anarchists would say "It's not my revolution if I can't vote!".

Maybe if voting is such a potent urge in them, and brings them such joy, maybe us anarchist should host our own mock polls and mock elections, so that these people can release these pent-up built-up energies in a way that does not legitimize and serve the state. This would be real "harm-reduction", similar to handing new needles, this vote is sterilized, this is a clean vote, contrary to voting for the "lesser evil" in which you always dirty your hand with the blood of those brutalized by the state and its policies.