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High propaganda season often has its absurd humour to look forward to and the US version this round is especially laugh and cringe-worthy. And then there's "ugly anarchists", "radical left anarchy", "anarchist jurisdictions", and "Biden anarchists" for extra lols.

The thing that blows my mind (ok, not really) are the true believers who point to the current butthead of state as one who is following the textbook of the Austrian who shall not be named, yet who also think it would be nice for said demented dictator to be calmly and patiently removed through the dubious power of their bizarre electoral system.

That said, this particular election might have an unusual direct impact on my life. I have to move, don't know where or how. I cannot assess the level of statist rage and social upheaval that is likely to increase, post November 3rd - though prob not to the degree I would joyously celebrate. Thing is, whichever asswipe wins or loses does not change this one bit. Just like always.

I take my quite unusual decision-waffling, as troubling as it is for an ailing boomer, as a positive sign of an ongoing demise of this especially egregious nation-state. No one said it was going to be smooth or easy or painless.