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I don't think I accept the premises of what you're saying. Like, if I vote... I don't know if I am "definitely legitimizing" anything. Why? Because: Voting Doesn't Matter.

I'm not sure if I follow you on indigenous sovereignty stuff either. But I think, like... a lot of indigenous people vote (or have voted). Including some of the folks who also do direct action. Trudeau's first election, he said the right shit, and some indigenous folks voted for him (sometimes voting for the first time ever), if some of the reporting at the time is to believed.

I don't think these people legitimized shit, though. They were just invested in the outcome, and they exercised the power at their disposal by voting - which, to be clear, is (probably) the only power they have to influence that outcome.

Because I am an anarchist and I believe in and prefer DIRECT ACTION and/or CRIME and/or THE COMING INSURRECTION, I suppose I would say, Maybe it would be better if no one cared about the outcome of the election? Cuz it's all fake or some shit and we should do, like, counterpower and/or general strike and/or union of egoists and/or decolonization?

But saying this, I would be a hypocrite, since I occasionally find myself a bit invested too. Alas!