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People look at Trump (for which I can no longer be shocked or even be mad since he has nothing to offer and nothing to say but toxic narcissism), but the social media apparatus continually absolves itself and washes its hands of how it has weaponized and gamified reality in a very polarizing fashion(see the latest two episodes of Behind the Bastards podcast to get a deep dive into how Facebook foments civil wars and stands back with its hands up, Zuckerberg obsessing over Augustus down to his hair and child's name). Engagement is constantly needed, and the more we participate the more reality is warped.

I doubt it's a hot take, but if Biden wins he'll be a "Do Nothing" president, and the theocratic feelings that elected Trump will continue and probably resurface under a media personality for 2024. Think Tucker Carlson.

I don't doubt that the public will continue to be gaslit, as wealth has shifted upward into so few hands that a form of democide underway will be continually scapegoated (ie 'anarchist jurisdiction'). Nowhere on table are plans for needed services and infrastructure overhaul...or what happens to all of us when automation does replace our jobs. Who needs camps when you can neglect people, make them fear and doubt their own power by subduing them through policing and surveillance?

After we stopped working and crippled the economy it was deemed okay for 200k domestically to die off so that we could all go back to work.