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well, it seems simple enough to me, but i guess it's hard to people judging by comments and articles saying things like:
"anarchy is not chaos" or "well, i'm an anarchist, but i can still vote" or "but what if i'm a senator on the weekends, or a sheriff deputy like every once a blue moon, only on riots, i'm still an anarchist most of the year right?" or "anarchism is just when government works just right" or "look, i'm as anarchist as the next guy, but sometimes, come on, just sometimes, prison and the justice system is necessary, but i love cops okay, there's nothing wrong with it don't make a big deal of it, i will vote for cops, for cop-loving ex-cops that got promoted to vice-ultracop candidate, but just because i'm a realist, i love the world i want to save it and all the people in it and i love cops i want cops in my mouth, but i am an anarchist i swear don't mock me it's not funny, why are you so immature"