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yeah, I didn't think you were essentializing at all, I just didn't get it before.

I both think that the "voting is harm reduction" is completely untenable - and also, based on what I see with other people who cling very closely to other sorts of untenable ideas (and in fact, exist in isolated information silos that confirm and naturalize that position), I am not totally sure an articulation of the indigenous sovereignty really does blow "voting is harm reduction" out of the water?

like, for me... it sounds like you have known some annoying liberals-cum-anarchists (i.e. people with absolute shit ideas, and/or true liberal charlatans who like a radical aesthetic, and/or people who are still figuring their political ideas out) - and that is a separate issue from the very specific concern I'm trying to drive home, which is that

Voting Doesn't Matter!