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hey, obviously I was addressing Makhno here, not you.

but I think, like, anarchism (or most versions of it that I find interesting) imply doing anything else with your day then going to the polls. that is just a good and solid point right there. do direct action. get naked and run around in the woods. play jazz music in a cave.

but like, my point is to that being gatekeepy - like, even just having a gatekeepy attitude about this - is stupid.

instead, I draw the line at "anarchists don't talk about voting intentions at informal social gatherings"

if I go to a party 2 weeks before the election, and every goddamn person there is talking about whether they're going to vote NDP or Green or whatever, I am going to have a TERRIBLE time and all of those people need to perform a quota of spectacular property crime before they can be considered anarchists again

(this happened to me last year and it sucked. where is the shame?)