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we should absolute challenge theoretical inconsistency. I just don't think that this is a theoretical issue. the inconsistency of "the anarchist who votes" is that they appear to be tarnishing their anarchism - but that's, like, not a real problem. certainly they aren't enacting their anarchism in voting, but whatever? I fail to enact my anarchism all the time

it is a secondary characteristic, which varies from person to person, as to whether they talk about voting and/or accord it a place in their strategic ideas about political change - which might mark them as, like, not really an anarchist. but I'm not talking to those people.

I'm talking about who might, for any possible reason, vote. I am open to the idea that, whether or not they went through the trouble of voting, some of these people don't suck - a possibility that I think the Voting is a Sin position basically precludes. which is why, I repeat: Voting Doesn't Matter