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Attack on police car in Belarus

via Anarchist Fighter

Атрад Супраціву (The Resistance group) claims responsibility for the attack on police car in Belarus

Encouraging news from Belarus (received by mail). We urge our comrades and all who decide to follow their example – to use gloves. Do not leave any prints and DNA!

We, Атрад Супраціву (The Resistance group), declare war on the existing fascist government!

We don't see another option apart from inflicting physical and material damage on all power structures – from district administrations and police stations to direct individual confrontation with Lukashenko’s followers.

We have nothing more to say about the current regime, it’s all obvious to everyone. The only possible sentence it deserves - death!

This night we tried to be with you. We visited some fascist police stations and have made our best to reduce the number of police vehicles that could get to the peaceful demonstrators.

We call upon the people of Belarus to use partisan tactics, that their ancestors are famous for!

Only self-organization, mutual support and direct action together with our resolute will can destroy this fascist infestation and break the yoke of lukashism.

Together we will win!