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Anarchist Bookfair: Madrid, 12/4-6

via contra info translated by Anarchist News

Spanish State: XVIII Gathering of the Anarchist Book in Madrid

A year more, more than 18 already!!!

Once again the anarchist bookfair in Madrid is being carried out, we consider it necessary to foment spaces where we can bring the different anarchist stances closer, among ourselves as well as facing outwards… Since we find ourselves in the most interconnected society and yet this is the period with the most disconnection .

We live in times where the deepening of thought and debate have turned into phrases of 200 characters and texts that in an individualized manner are read as long as they are not too long …

Because of this and much more, we continue forging spaces where we can debate, get to know each other, and deepen the struggle.

In the face of an infantilizing culture that foments individualism and condemns us to isolation through fear and technocratic sanitary justification, now that they condemn us to social distancing is when it's most necessary to learn, spread, and put into practice libertarian culture, solidarity, mutual aid and horizontality.

The event will take place on the days 4, 5 y 6 of December
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