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the comments, they were talking about general activism...

"These people were anarchists as far as you consider maoists and other socialists to be anarchists. I believe Harsha's for real as far as above ground activists go, but let's just not confuse wine with beer.

Let's also not underestimate the reality of professional activists being paid fat checks for making volunteer protesters be their foot soldiers..."


"To suggest that mass mobilizations involve the broader left milieu of activists and that makes everyone their "footsoldiers", is a strange way to frame anarchist street activity. "

So no, nobody was attacking your precious demo, your BS detector was/is going a little haywire.

"They fucking didn't have this influence. It just simply wasn't the case. We were not their "footsoldiers" and although I'm being polite about it, that's an outrageous claim."

well said, don't know why you went off on these other tangents.

*sighs*....i known i don't do my civic duty of always reading the articles before i engage in people's lively conversations on here, but hey, the website is up. I can use it, i can also be argumentative as i've been told is part of my personality.