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"Therefore, the question stands: how to conjugate an endeavor of systematic and ambitious attack with the much needed individual development in the most diverse areas?"

First, by questioning, dismantling and attacking systems, systematic endeavors, notions of ambition & development. Why? Because after hitting our heads against the wall, defeat after defeat in a grim landscape, looking for ways out, the first that options come up and glitter like a ray of light are those that we have previously discarded for good reasons. Things contrary to a desire for anarchy may begin to seem appealing merely for being possible, accessible, effective. Popular alliances, mass fronts, militarism, organizations, etc etc.

"Only the advancement and qualification of the informal anarchic combat and the paths it may open will provide us with answers."

Yes and no. If you want to attack and are curious about its consequences, that way will be the most instructive and formative in that regard. I doubt that anything will provide definite answers beyond what we've seen over and over, whatever novelty would be more a mystery opening more questions than answers. At most you can watch it unfold as a participant instead of a spectator.