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Trophy wife and cute blond kids? Our fighters? You say the wackiest things, maintroll.
If this is your mangled way of pointing out that there are is carrot as well as stick?
I won't try to uncover what these slips might mean.
How could I turn this distraction back into a direction towards a conversation that does interest me?
To speak of rewards? There is no heaven after life, no heaven on earth, no prize for attack. Either you enjoy life and the attack, or sucks to be you, no refunds, no do-overs. Extraction workers can also live miserable lives.
This article mentions the carrot and the stick and how misery brings more misery, and not revolt. Says it's "the weariness and rage of despair" which does that instead.
Weird, don't know, but why bring it up? If there's no longer a notion that things can get better through some notion of progress or regress, then some urge to ragequit or tableflip might arise or something.
We are completely unnecessary, irrelevant and not even factored in this conversation.

"The communication (if we want to call it that) are the responsibility claims written by strangers, addressed to other strangers who read them in the newspapers, newscasts, places of chronicles, websites of the revolutionary and anarchist left.

Whoever exalts or supports with words or with videos or with maps and revolutionary symbols (I am talking about drawings, the so-called FAI symbols) in web pages does not participate in this phenomenon. They are spectators and their words are worth less than zero. Naturally, this also applies to me and to these very words of mine, which only represent me and my convictions and certainties."

I was going to post another quote but the page is loading slowly and it didn't load the bottom of the page, but it says something about anarchist not forming armed parties nor organizing blah blah anarchist abc's.