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Maybe attack and militancy are completely outdated concepts because they're too narrow as to be very imaginative.

Think about it...did any of reactionary attacks to remodel the world go to plan? No. Wide scale, wholesale slaughter and destruction (re-decoration). What was learned? Systemic slaughter hasn't reduced human population size. Biological warfare is unweildy. Post-war malaise gives rise to counter-cultures. None of the threats, lies, cons or grifts have made America great again. It's nearly impossible to defeat guerilla warfare (but some states will keep on pretending anyway).

What was learned was a post-nuclear deference. Society as risk-avoidant. Stagnation as stasis. A hurricane or any natural event easily does more attacking than we could ever...and this stagnant society remains pretty much unchanged. Doesn't that say anything? What was learned (but not by us) is how to get around post-1968 models that have never taken the effectiveness of Operation Gladio style counter-insurgency methods in an urban context. We can no longer fight these pre-determined ways.

Why not? Those 70's armed Marxist groups became the joyless mirrored image of military specialists. A legacy of joyless and unimaginative marxism has been burned into the public imagination as 'alternative,' as in "right now sucks but the alternative is so much worse."

At least capitalism gives one the choice of more than one rationed carton of eggs per family per month.

The West is at a spiritual dead-end with its relationship toward the earth, the land that sustains and engenders all life forms. The living space is the primary organizing influence (and not the human mind...because models of reality are not reality). Why not start here? As in: why are we the only species that pays to eat?