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or you're avoiding it on purpose.

I'm not saying that anarcho-insurgents deserve their "trophy wives and cute blond kids" (which is, unless you're too bigoted to have caught up, a pop culture stereotype of the White suburban nuclear family), I'm stating the social reality that those "fighters" of brutal capitalism are being sustained, copensated in that fight, so it's a LIFE-SUPPORTING struggle, to a point they don't perceive it as a struggle, other than the "daily struggle of work".

On the other hand, is there any comparable or even significant life-sustaining relations for anarchist insurgents? There sure are in more combative anarchist cultures, like in Europe and parts of Latin America. But how does anarchist insurgency get them out of misery elsewhere, without falling into one of those extremely coppish and internally repressive militant milieus?

The scarce, tiny support I could get from others came from me helping and being nice with them... but even at that, I feel it's always a thin, fragile connection.

You don't seem to understand how the question of daily life is more important than the rest.