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There is a difference between tending to the moribund, suffering from an untenable system, by putting them on life-support, and revenge (look at this that was posted today
The scarce support and fragile connections you mention suggests that they may be a flimsy surface on which to base your dignity.
Land and land based fragile connections are less accessible than fire, firearms and means to attack.
The state is already invested in supporting life (along its interests), social assistance, food stamps, healthcare, grants to NGO's people want and need more. Subsistence agriculture in itself is not a challenge to the state and authority, in the same way that the rest of the species that don't pay for food do not impede the extraction/logging workers from encroaching.
An old growth forest by itself, through the thickness and hardness of wood, poses a greater resistance to loggers than a squat or a community garden could pose to the police, or any other configuration of the state's armed goons.
I once saw a proposal to put subsistence gardens in prisons to improve prisoner's nutrition as well as cut down costs.
Sounds like a great idea.
I'm not saying don't grow food and don't eat, as I wouldn't say hold your breath, or attack or don't.
Growing roots, rooting for the good guy...smashing ATM's a living.
Even normies fuck around and become "black bloc insurrectionary anarchist" for a bit for lols (
This world is absurd, anything goes. You can do anything and call it anything.