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3 Feral Faun essays now on Immediatism podcast

Enjoy three essays by Feral Faun -- two from the US edition of Feral Revolution: Essays & Polemics of Feral Faun, from, and one from the original UK Elephant Edition. From the back cover: "Anyone can spend years "in the wilderness," Feral maintains, referring to the possibility of entering the reality of which the "wilderness" marks the extreme limit. It is the moment of truth when we discover whether we are really capable of breaking our bonds with society, the umbilical cord that protects and domesticates us. That is why this book is revolutionary: because it does not interpret reality but tries to take us into reality just as the author himself has ventured."

Immediatism 158: The Quest For the Spiritual

Immediatism 159: Drifting Away From the Sacred, Thoughts Inspired by Reading Peter Lamborn Wilson's Sacred Drift

Immediatism 160: Paneroticism, the Dance of Life

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