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in nature. This is a news aggregator site: basically anything that has anarchist ideas mixed into it is posted here as an article. Wouldn't you want to know if some racist "national anarchist" group bombed a church? All the ideological motives for the plot are already listed on the wikipedia page about it, it largely seems to be anti-covid-restriction (bugaloo), anti-cop (bugaloo), anti-trump (now that's very interesting...), and conspiracy theory. There does seem to be associations with confederate flag paraphernalia and 3%er, which is racist:

I have to say thank you for the additional info about this wierd/creepy kidnapping plot that occurred over facebook...not sure why we need to be upset about "syncretism", which is the mixing of ideology, and happens on here all the time without the right wingers. Being opposed to it has a lot of similarities to white supremacy, this idea that we need to keep belief structures pure and un-adulterated. I'm personally happy that I can read a diverse selection of information on this website, unlike you I'm not trying to advocate the removal of every single thing that offends my anarchist points of views.

Now, you may call me a fascist if you choose.