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the fascists, i think it's a little hard to deny that sometimes the anti-fascists behave in the same manner as the fascists. This goes beyond "anti-fa", remember WWII?

Syncretism is not wrong, it's just syncretism. Bugaloo is syncretist, they mix ideas. The problem with bugaloo is they mix right wing with anti-authoritarianism, which doesn't make any sense, they have the option just like the rest of us to chill out and defy the lockdown for their own purposes, they make the mistake as the usual street performers as in they act with a sense of urgency in some galactic moral battlefield that exists in their own heads.

Yes, purity is a theme in white supremacist ideology. It used to be that if you in any way were mixed with a "non-white race", you were not considered white.

It's like you can just ratter off about how disgusting it is that this article is here and then when someone pricks you with critique, then you get all defensive and say that i was saying anti-fa and fascists are the same thing. Tsk tsk. Remember, real humans wrote all of these articles, so if we rip apart their logics, we should expect that to happen to us.