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"Not my favorite type of anarchist by any means but not something to denounce."

i guess all things are permitted, yet i open-mindedly denouce bugaloo, it fucking sucks, made after a movie title, like those republicans i talk to in bars that are so fucking crazy that it feels painful to talk to them (im not even talking about all republicans...). The issue about whether they are white supremacists or not is not something even worth discussing. I posted the wiki page so that people can read about these fools and decide for themselves. Wiping tainted blood out of the gene-pool was not on their agenda, yet their's no way to know what they think. Maybe they were white supremacists or anti-Semites but they changed their mind.

Syncretism...arggghhhh...leads to such dumb shit sometimes but doesn't have to be bad. It is a little refreshing seeing these guys denounce donald trump, but doesn't make me respect them. They would have gotten a little further in their plans if they just used email and cell phones, LOL, but yeah recruiting a terrorist plot on facebook oh my god, it's like they're begging for informants.

"BULLETIN: Bring bomb parts down to the train station, don't let anyone see who you are, drop the circuit board in the trash can at 11am, thank you!"

Did these boys sniff glue growing up?