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TOTW: An anarchist's day in 2020

I've been finding myself with little excitement about my day to day these past couple months (years). Get up slowly, check my phone, eat, hop on the computer, exercise, social activity, eat, kill time, sleep. Maybe this is an abnormal schedule but it seems to be quite standard at least for those around me.

Routine is a useful tool for surviving in the world, but I don't need to tell you that it can feel incredibly constricting.

Maybe I should relish my leisure time? But it hardly feels like my own. The easily accessible time-killers like netflix, social media, booze, and porn are filled with other people values and desires but there's little if any of myself in those activities. So I want to transform the mundane parts of my life (or at least feel affirmed in my frustration with them) but I'm lacking ideas.

Do you allow the facile pastimes in to your life, fully, with conditions, or simply not at all? If not, what do you do with your downtime on any old day? Is "A conscious, playful, exploratory creation of our own motions through space" possible from my couch?

What does a mundane day in the life of an anarchist look like in 2020? Be specific!

[Thanks to bugs for sharing this TOTW via email!]