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Routine and habit can be terrible. Crimethinc had a piece on "Behavorial Cutups" in Recipes for Disaster that has stuck in my mind. They talked about it in Hunter Gatherer before that:

"Social Yoga: Behavioral cutups

In a surrealist cutup, written text is randomly cut and recombined in search of new meaning. The resulting randomness exposes the perverse structure of rationality and habit that governs creativity.
Behavioral cutups use the same method on personal or social text. A favorite method for integrating such a practice is to choose a mundane part of life and attach some stipulation to it. This brings awareness to the action and makes it a fertile ground for new experiences. If you have ever chosen a dietary restriction, this may sound familiar—food cutups can raise consciousness about source and content of food, as well as tamper with the social institution of eating and thus put you in new situations. This is just a whiff of what is possible.
Mystics have employed behavioral cutups for thousands of years. In addition to dietary regimens, they have practiced mimicry of animals, rituals of exhaustion, deprivation and pain, the use of intoxicants, ecstatic dancing, public nudity and other taboo acts, years of ceaseless standing followed by similar years of sitting. These are time-honored techniques for independent learning."

This also came up when i was searching for the hunter gatherer copy: