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If one were to speculate, one could say there are underlying unmentioned psychological issues that make that difficult.
Speaking from experience, depression can leave one with less energy or enthusiasm to pursue other tasks or activities, and a low self-worth could make one avoid seeking other for spending time together or do activities. The way out of this is to exercise every day, go out and walk very far away, talk to a lot of people, and text everyone for invitations to do something. Problem solved! High five! Let's go 2020! What else you got in store? Ah yes, an anarchist routine! Like a nutritional pyramid consisting of molotov cocktails, assassinations, mutual aid projects, sustainable sustenance, and building and maintaining anarchist infrastructure. Foster relations that don't feature coercion, nor dominance/obedience. Brush your teeth, eat your vegetables, take out the trash. I wasn't comment on this, I got carried away.