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I have the good fortune to be on unemployment right now and will drag that out as long as possible.
While home, I am doing things that can be accomplished within a bout a year, since that's how long I'm trying to stay unemployed. So, I have a fitness plan and a goal for a year out (I know, goals! But I do need to lose weight for my health). I do an online Zoom language class, Tibetan, which is interesting to me and no one else and will never make me any money, but I am genuinely engaged by it. It's a year-long class. One of my two podcasts is Buddhist/Anarchist and has no listeners -- purely for my own pleasure. The other is anarchist and has listeners so it keeps me intellectually sharp and a bit socially engaged. I do a weekly anarchist study group online, for same reasons. And I have graduate school because I may as well earn more money when I do go back to work (and it's pretty easy), and also to keep sharp. The reason I share this is, I think people can still have anarchist projects while stuck indoors with covid. They can still engage socially with other anarchists and should. If you don't have a study group or podcast of your own, maybe start them.