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"And in spirit, it really goes to Ayn Rand."

ayn rand started developing her ideology pretty long after individualist anarchism became a real thing, even though this all took place within not more than 200 years, i've always hated ayn rand whereas the simple rhetoric of individualist anarchists is still appealing to me now even if it can be a little boring...

the article above just seems silly in it's writing, i couldn't read more than half of it. The top part is intriguing, it pierces me with the question of "oh who is this new anarchist who died, oh they are like these older anarchists who i appreciate?", but then i'm just confused because the rest of the article only talks about the old school individualists. Doesn't seem like a great way to bury someone, they are giving lip service to ideals rather than this anarchist who probably deserves admiration, remembrances, maybe even insults and jokes.