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Having studied psychology and social equilibrium analysis I've fine tuned individualism to having the same attitude to life as does the child up to the age of about puberty. The trick is to disregard all education and instruction, only taking in what is useful to exist and genuine emotional/relational experiences as a guide to social interactive response, using this later in sexual relationships which basically form the main creative drive. Reich was exploring the connection between sexuality and fascism and disregarding the Marxist methodologies he used and based some of his conclusions upon, one must consider the toxic era of the times in which he worked. Soooo, social indoctrination, sexual puritanical moralities, rigid educational carriculums nuclear family isolation, all combine towards a totalitarianism which hinders individuality.
Its easy, soooo, an initial nihilistic cleansing helps if infected with conformity, remember behind the ears, then after cleaning, try to reach the essential ego of your childhood time, yep alot of wading through sexist racist crap amirite? and enjoy, cheers.