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In the first comment I alluded to my unease ( a personal anecdote and someone else's) and I also quoted this bit as part of a larger quote: "Many women and non-male comrades are pushed out of these groups by patriarchal dynamics, or don’t show up in the first place because so many other projects would fall apart without the invisible work they do that men often don’t take up because it isn’t sexy or glorious work..." Our similar anecdotes at separate (at least 3) groups/projects/squats was that gruffy scruffy males were called in to help to volunteer to do general handiwork, construction work, plumbing, electricity, painting etc., and then discarded so that the more photogenic queer, femme would take the project from there, painting murals, taking pictures and writing about it on their theses. Of course, this is framed so as to point to a problematic dynamic, it's not to erase the positive and worthwhile aspects of the projects that greatly outweigh these minor grievances.

So the thing is, obviously these isolated males of pure heart would never fall prey to the embrace of toxic masculinist groups that would readily provide camaraderie and fervorous and joyous shared activity. They will learn from the experience with amusement and temper their enthusiasm and attachment to projects and groups, and develop nuanced critiques. They will seek more of these groups and projects out to give of their time and effort to help. In the meantime the will form healthy cis-male only circles in the periphery, working out their own problems and destroying patriarchy. Right?

A slight tangent, but not a detour, has anyone had experience with the world of boy only, and girl only schools? Or then of fraternities and sororities? Of course, these are not the models that are emulated. But doesn't the "mixed" or "co-ed" seem more normal or balanced in comparison? Which dynamics are intensified or ameliorated by each? So the vision of "separate but equal" of segregation with mechanism for integration, what does that do or say in each instance? Obviously this institutionalization, or any kind, along lines of gender (or any line) is not anarchist, not in a communalist Rojava, not in a squat, much less in a public or private school or college, or re-eduation camp by any other name, engaged in armed struggle or not.