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while i don't agree with any of the panelists, i can't say that i disagree either. they are saying the only acceptable thoughts and ideas about anarchism that can be said in polite / mainstream media. and they are not wrong, again, according the the logic of what can be said. what is permitted in proper soundbite political discourse.

i was trying to come up with what i would say in such a forum with all its limits and knowing the limits of the audience (not to mention the host) and i realized i could not say anything in that forum. these three did as well as could be expected, and kudos to them. my answers to such questions would be more along the lines of rejecting the questions, or pointing at the implicit biases of the questions, or answers like yes, it all needs to go. it all needs to go but somehow i also don't mean the war of all against all, or grandma will be left to starve in the gutter. it all needs to go in the sense that none of this should be here anyway, not if we were a reasonable (not rational) people. it all has to go but not the corner store, but also the corner store. hard to put into an acceptable soundbite.