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Anarchists are in the worse shape they have ever been since the inner wars era after it declined post-ww1 and just before ww2 when it outright collapsed as a tendency. The infoshop era and the marginals milieu before it was far better due to the fact that anarchism was still a countercultural tendency. It's lost that and has now become a brown scare antifa adjunct position playing a shock troop role for greater institutionalist liberalism and leftism. Anarchism fucking sucks plain and simple.

It's time to get back to the drawing board and conjure up new thought currents for the coming networked cybernetic psychographic 21st century. No more intersectional nonsense, no more nationalist adjacent post-colonialism. Back to basics which means a return to things like 21st century communitas and individualism. The post-left post humanist tendencies can play a very creative part of this.