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Opposing the masses and bureaucratic organizations does not mean that people become isolated individuals or, like the left, foolishly call them bourgeois liberal morality. It is to break the governance of transcendental concept. But on the other hand, due to historical reasons, strinerite has a great misunderstanding of Nietzsche. They insist on taking and dissimilation, so they forget to develop themselves. So it is necessary to explain the idea of "self alienation". The concept of alienation is still subject to Hegelianism. Therefore, the current strinerite often regards alienation as a passive existence and defines its own existence through the reaction of the enemy. But "self alienation" is a kind of active and free way, which does not judge oneself through the established value. More precisely, "self alienation" is closer to Deleuze's difference.

So it's time to get rid of some misunderstandings and let inurrection come. Some people may ask, will this become Leninism? Obviously not. Just like the example mentioned above, if we only insist on horizontal organization, it will be like the misunderstanding of strinerite, which does not break the established values and discourse. The masses still call for bureaucrats, Lenin calls for the masses. So Nietzsche's importance is reflected. We should not only eliminate vertical organizations, but also the vertical governance of ideas, capitalism and Empire.

(the above is machine translation)