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Traditional mass organizations often express a willingness to obey, and then hierarchy follows. Although there is no leader, hierarchy always appears. On the other hand, although strinerite in history insisted on opposing power from the perspective of individualism, it was still not enough to change this point. Then this situation always gives Marxism the upper hand. For example, Marx's criticism of striner is very one-sided, but there are still some people who decide striner's point of view according to Marx's one sidedness. Marxism seems to occupy a dominant position, and then anarchism becomes a vassal. I want to say that this is capitalism, which is aligned with the Messiah of Marxism. And then this dominance influences anarchism. This means that anarchism is dominated by capitalist power mechanism. In such anarchism, people always have a passive negative feeling.
But I believe that in the restoration of anarchism, the individual's sense of power will also be restored. In such an individualism, people respect each other. At the same time, put in more power to destroy the system. And it's called the insirrection that's coming.