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a negative projection rather than be a blueprint for a new world we want to live in, since the current one is ultra dependent on authority, bureaucracy, institutions, and tech that is complicated and demanding enough that it needs experts/workers to stay in operation. As Wayoutthere has talked about, this requires somewhat of a minimalist ethic.

This is not to say that I'm opposed to ideas about what this will look like, like bolo'bolo, but my experience living has shown me that plans, especially when they are big and sweeping, are prone to failure...

Having a more extreme and nihilist anarchist perspective is outside of the imagination for most people, or what they imagine is some sort of horror movie where some teenage girl is getting raped by vikings. And yeah like you i'm sick of the moralizing, the left-accomaditing, and the identity politik type of anarchism which took center stage on the NPR can't make room for any genuine type of lawlessness.