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A troll preaching their faith in weakness... who would have thought!?

Those characters or archetypes aren't only about enforcing values and ideals upon others. Just like technology and arts, they can be twisted and used for authoritarian purposes. So? That's not all what they do.

They're also about an ideal of personal strength and holding true to your ideas and morals, or rising above what undermines you. That's why I hesitate to totally condemn heroism.

"Genealogy of Morals" read it up!

Cult of strength and/or valor is what makes us achieve greater things, push our limits and be overmen. The overmen was also misunderstood by so many (including fascists) as a state, the natural quality of some people; while the concept was meant to express a becoming, a process of accession towards a higher, better being, that can overcome their own misery.

Who would be 100% ok to stagnate and rot in their boxes? Only slaves and cowards, who're the same.