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Maybe they imagine correctly about a possible anarchist horror show. Mob rules from what I've seen of anarchic street rioting, and its sort of fortunate that the moralist parents don't let their teenage daughters anywhere near the anarchic rioting and looting mob. The Viking pillages of the past were no different, they hated Christian meekness, and their forays were usually fueled by a quest to obtain more alcòhol during shortages of honey and fermentables during harsh winters in their own regions. You can talk about ubermen and masters over slaves, a very black and white Manichean interpretation of human psychology and behavioral tendencies written about from the safety of a basement room in a walled city, but infact the average non-alcoholic peasant is contented to stay at home and create intimate and repetitively banal morally restricted relationships with an extended collection of other humble workers not really interested in lawless pillage, conquest, extravagant wealth or fame, but instead content with just the simple affections of other lovers and friends in a pacifist and non-violent morally rich anarch existence, though a sheep or cow gets its throat cut every 3 months for meat.