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Morality is a bit shit. Only useful for ye olde shaming, cancelling and acquisition of social capital.

Yeah, we can all while away a moment with a good ol' chin-wag opinioning the whys and wherefores; Converging and diverging like the waves of the sea; Fawning upon and calling out each others' wet dreams; Falling out, and falling in love. But ultimately, like the hero and coward, good and evil and the surrounding rainbows reside in the heads of individuals, and are really not a concern while they reside in the head. Dreamers will dream.

As far as anarchy is concerned, it is the ethic and the enduring tendency toward diversity that are surely the concern. It doesn't seem very important for anyone to know or understand any individual's reasoning for wanting to fuck shit up, only that the shit is recognised as shit and that the shit gets fucked up.

The rest is poetry.